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Are You Struggling to
Find The Next Right Step?


You feel overwhelmed
You struggle to take that next step
You can't seem to get clarity
You keep getting stuck moving forward
You don't know how to move forward

What exactly is THRIVE Coaching?

UNLIMITED LASER COACHING gives you as many 20-minute laser coaching calls with me as you want over the next 12 months

Simple. It's a 20-minute coaching session, without the chit-chat and “how's the weather” stuff, where we focus on getting you to take the next right step towards one of your specific goals.

We'll identify your specific goal, and the next right action steps you'll need to take to reach there. We'll also uncover hidden obstacles so we can overcome them with our eyes open. We will also come up with homework that we agree on to get you there.

Our first call will last 30 minutes and is all about getting to know each other. It enables us to understand how you can be guided effectively. We’ll identify your major areas of focus, the steps you’ll need to take to reach them and the support you will require throughout that journey. We may also uncover some obstacles and start drafting how we can overcome them with an open mind.

Each session ongoing will be 20 minutes. On each call, we will work towards your goals and come up with the steps and actions that to be achieved next.

After each call, I will send you an email with a link to the call recording, your actions, and a link to schedule our next call.

Are You Ready?


Follow through with what you start
Express your needs, love, and desires
Experience Joy and Confidence
Connect to your inner wisdom
Learn Self Love tools like Journaling, Meditation & Affirmations
My Coaching Options


20min Zoom Coaching


Let me summarize this for you

  1. For as little as $125 per month you get unlimited coaching.
  2. Your first call is 30 minutes
  3. Each call after that is 20 minutes
  4. After each call you do your homework
  5. Once its completed, schedule your next call.
  6. Email support is available if you get stalled
  7. If needed, we can schedule a call to get you back on track.


Email / Video Coaching


Let me summarize this for you

  1. For as little as $10 per day you get unlimited coaching.
  2. Your session will be first call is 30 minutes
  3. Each call after that is 20 minutes
  4. After each call you do your homework
  5. Once its completed, schedule your next call.
  6. Email support is available if you get stalled
  7. If needed, we can schedule a call to get you back on track.

There is no good reason not to grab this if you are ready to make your life better!

The Coach

Hi there, nice to meet you... I'mGina  


Through the process of peeling back the layers of ego mind and learning about the dynamics at the root of her own psyche, and how they manifest in her life, Gina has explored a diverse range of techniques, therapies and psychological approaches; gleaning the best of them to refine a holistic, total-being approach to authentic transformation and deep healing, rather than just treating the superficial symptoms.

Gina's Yoga Classes and "Thrive" Life Coaching are the creative culmination of her professional expertise and real-world experience. She is ecstatic to be sharing these systems with all those who feel called to create real change and unlock greater levels of harmony in their lives.

Born and raised in the interior of British Columbia, Canada, Gina Leigh is a 500hr-RYT & 200hr-ERYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) trained and certified in Hatha, Yin, Kundalini, Vinyasa & Prenatal Yoga. She is also a Spiritual Life Coach, Certified Rebirther, Holistic Massage Therapist, Pre/Postnatal Birth Doula and Energy Healer.

Fuelled by her experiences and struggles with an eating disorder, abusive relationships and a quest for purpose, Gina's journey into the healing and transformational arts has been a progressive evolution through various modalities from the physical to psycho-spiritual.

After building a successful career as a holistic massage therapist, she intuitively came to the discovery that there were much deeper roots behind the issues that manifest in our minds and bodies, which led her to the world of energy healing.

While this expanded her repertoire as a healer and body worker, over time she felt that there was still a profound psychological piece missing from the picture, and dove into further work in the form of Jungian Shadow Psychology and encounter groups.


Angeles Ake

Gina es una maravillosa instructora de yoga, no puedo esperar para la próxima clase. Bella persona en todos los sentidos.  Te invito a disfrutar de esta maravillosa experiencia de conexión y expandir tu conciencia. Muchas gracias Gina! Mucha luz y bendiciones!


TRANSLATION: Gina is a wonderful yoga instructor, can't wait for the next class. Beautiful person in every way. I invite you to enjoy this wonderful experience of connection and expand your consciousness. Thank you so much Gina! Lots of light and blessings!

Sharon Taggar-Sekhon

Gina is one of the most amazing people I have ever met!! You'll be truly blessed if you come into contact with her!

Tim Wheatley

"I took the Kali Chaya Yoga retreat in White Rock BC. Wow truly amazing. It changed my thoughts around yoga. If you have only ever done a 1 hour yoga class then Gina Leigh is going to rock your mind, body and soul.

Thanks so much."

Mezena KB

Words can't even describe how thankful I am to have Gina in my life! I have never had an experience close to the one she gives.
I would recommend her to anyone for any area of their life! Whether you're dealing with physical pain or just someoene awesome to enlighten you, she can help!

Jessica Lynn

"Thank you for being and embracing the change you wish to see because you are truly making a difference in the world with pure genuine love."

Alberto de la Llave

Gina! gracias por la mentoria y la guia espiritual, me siento agusto e identificado contigo. Sin duda seguiré asistiendo a tus clases de yoga que me han funcionado mucho a liberar mi mente y ser mejor en los negocios.


TRANSLATION: Gina! thank you for the mentorship and spiritual guide, I feel comfortable and identified with you. I will certainly continue to attend your yoga classes that have worked a lot for me to free my mind and be better in business.

Tine Falkenberg H. Heard

 "Gina is an absolutely amazing yoga teacher. Her knowledge is incredible and her teachings are inspired. You always feel great and safe in her presence, and there is no doubt you will leave her classes feeling wonderful and inspired yourself."

Do I really get unlimited calls?

Yes, you can have a call one day and then get all of your homework done and book a call for another available day soon after.

What if another program is better for me?

You’re first session is a 30-minute Discovery Session so we can get to know each other better. If we decide together that another program is a better choice for you then I will apply what you invested to that new program. 

Do I have a guarantee?

Yes, if during our first 30-minute Discovery Session either of us don’t feel this is a good fit, I will refund your investment or apply it to another program.

What if I don’t know what my goals are?

That’s okay, another of your FREE BONUSES is the mini course “Simple Steps to Figure out What you Want”. It’ll give you HUGE clarity and the best part it’s simple and easy to complete!

What if I still don’t feel confident in what my goals are?

The Discovery session will solve this.  I will help you come up with your “5 Focus Areas”. This way we are both clear on what you are working towards, I’ll know the best way to support you and it will be easy for us to stay on course to YOUR BEST RESULTS!

Can I have a payment plan?

NO & YES.  No, our company does not offer this for this program. BUT Yes, you can have a payment plan your favourite credit card provider. When you pop it on your credit card you can make monthly payments and still not need to cover it all in one payment.

Can I have a discount?

Yes. Congrats! You have already been given a SUBSTANTIAL discount for this program. My coaching packages for the year range from $10K-$25K, so is this a deal or what!

Will 15 minutes be enough time for my coaching session?

Yes, when we stop the small talk and story and get focused you definitely will.  I have been trained in efficiency and effectiveness in laser sessions. Since we had the Discovery Session and know your “5 Focus Areas” it will be easy for us to stay on course. Plus, you get to be focused on getting the most out of our session and it will be up to me to manage the time.

Will the homework be overwhelming?

To answer the question no, not at all. This is because we must agree on the homework. It’s usually some smaller steps to move you forward, but if you’re feeling more ambitious, you can ask for more. And sometimes, what’s super fun is when I challenge you to a higher level “Forward Action” which will help you make a leap.

What is the biggest take away I'll get from laser coaching?

The biggest take aways are 1) Accountability, 2) Ownership and 3) Responsibility. This will enpower all aspects of your life. .

Our Agreement

I Understand The Following:

  1. This coaching offer is for Live, One-on-One, Coaching with Gina.
  2. We meet by video or phone and agree on homework to move my business forward.
  3. I can schedule as many 15 minute laser coaching sessions as I wish over the next year, but I must complete my homework before scheduling my next call.
  4. I can also reach out via email if I need help with my homework.
  5. I'll also have access to Gina via email during the time we are working together, if I need assistance with my homework, accountability, or if I have questions about my business.
  6. During our first (30) minute session, if either of us feels this is not a fit, my money will be refunded and the coaching terminated.
The Next Right Step

Once you sign up for UNLIMITED Coaching…

  • You will get an email with a link to my calendar so that we can have our first coaching session together (the first session is 30 minutes instead of 15 so that I can get to know you better). You set the agenda with each call.
  • On the call, we will get focused on your health, life, or business goals and come up with your ‘to do list’ that we agree upon.
  • If there is a task assigned, you must complete your ‘to do’ before our next call happens.

That’s it. It’s simple, and super easy and it’s only $1,497 for a FULL YEAR of laser coaching with me.


i look forward to hearing from you
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