Kali Chaya Yoga

"Bridging the gap between mind, body and spirit."

Kali Chaya Yoga?

~Kali~ is the Goddess of death and destruction, representing our worst fears and the freedom we gain when we conquer them. ~Chaya~ is the Sanskrit word for Shadow. ~Yoga~ translates literally in Sanskrit as Union.

When you bring it all together ~Kali Chaya Yoga~ is the practice of breaking down the barriers and destroying the perception of our fears. This give us the space to break through the Shadow Self and step into our Awakened Self thus allowing full unification.

Sat Nam!

“Bridging the gap between mind, body and spirit is my greatest ambition; passing on that knowledge with students eager to learn is my highest calling.”

~Gina Leigh~

Kali Chaya Workshops & Retreats

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Yin, Kundalini, Hatha, Vinyasa & Prenatal... Yoga for every body

Whether you are a first time yogi or looking to deepen your personal practice, Gina Leigh offers many different styles of yoga classes, tailored to create an environment where you can focus on Your Body and Your Yoga.

Private Yoga Sessions

Do you have a busy schedule? Would you prefer a customized yoga practice for exactly what YOUR body and mind need?

Private yoga sessions are now available in person and via Skype/FaceTime/Messenger or WhatsApp.

What are you waiting for? You deserve this! START putting yourself on the top of your priority list.

~Kali Chaya Foundations~

“Kali Chaya Yoga transcends your physical asana practice into the realms of Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Yoga; where true healing takes place.”

Kali Chaya Yoga was created on the acknowledgement that our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states have a direct correlation to our attitudes, dietary and behavioural patterns. Kali Chaya Yoga takes a holistic approach to healing. According to the teachings we are under the constant attack of our Ego & Shadow through our subconscious beliefs (kleshas) which are only healed by addressing where they come from. Thus only by going through the veil of the Ego beyond the Shadow can we access our Samskaras or Mistaken Beliefs of self.

We may heal the body, mind and spirit temporarily through medical or alternative healing modalities, but unless there is transformation at the level of self where our beliefs are held, no lasting healing takes place. We are doomed to repeat our deep patterns and may end up recreating the same or similar situations again and again unless the shadow is reintegrated.

~ Gina Leigh

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