Gina Leigh is a Spiritual Life Doula who is here to help you no longer “Survive” life but instead…Thrive.

Fuelled by her experiences and struggles with an eating disorder, abusive relationships and a quest for purpose, Gina’s journey into the healing and transformational arts has been a progressive evolution through various modalities from the physical to psycho-spiritual.

After building a successful career as a body worker and masseuse, she intuitively came to the discovery that there were much deeper roots behind the issues that manifest in our minds and bodies, which led her to the world of energy healing.

While this expanded her repertoire as a healer and body worker, over time she felt that there was still a profound psychological piece missing from the picture, and dove into further work in the form of Jungian Shadow Psychology and encounter groups.

Through the process of peeling back the layers of ego mind and learning about the dynamics at the root of her own psyche, and how they manifest in her life, Gina has explored a diverse range of techniques, therapies and psychological approaches; gleaning the best of them to refine a holistic, total-being approach to authentic transformation and deep healing, rather than just treating the superficial symptoms.

Kali Chaya Yoga is the creative culmination of her professional expertise and real-world experience. Gina is ecstatic to be sharing this system with all those who feel called to create real change and unlock greater levels of harmony in their lives.

Outside of her time as a massage therapist and yoga instructor, Gina also has founded a women’s circle based on inner work and the empowerment of “goddess” energy, or embracing the authentic, feminine self.

Born and raised in the interior of British Columbia, Canada, Gina Leigh is a 200hr-RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) trained and certified in Hatha, Yin, Kundalini, Vinyasa & Prenatal Yoga. Gina is also a Personal Growth Coach – Life Doula, Certified Rebirther, Holistic Massage Therapist, Pre/Postnatal Birth Doula and energy healer.


“Bridging the gap between mind, body and spirit is my greatest ambition; passing on that knowledge with students eager to learn is my highest calling.” ~ Gina Leigh


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